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This is a platform for decision-makers and thought leaders from the construction sector who want to change the industry for good. Shared insights shorten learning curves to transform the existing industry standard faster.

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We see greenwashing and actionfaking as buzzwords of the past

We are not interested in collaborating with greenwashing companies. We don't need more talk, but rather companies, NGOs and the media doing everything they can, with determination and sincerity, so that we as humanity can finally get our act together.

We only work with people who want to rebuild our world sustainably – real transformation rather than lip service.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who do not see profit and climate protection as irreconcilable opposites and instead want to prove it: It is possible, money can flow in the right direction for the benefit of us all.

Are you a decision-maker in the construction industry and have started to take demonstrable steps towards sustainability?

Are you a board member of an NGO and want to make a lasting change?

Then come on board. The more diverse and varied our contributions are, the more effective we become on our mission!

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